What are solar panels ?

Solar panels use the sun’s solar energy to produce electricity. The solar technology behind solar power has improved a lot in recent years, and it is now possible for homeowners to generate their own clean energy from sunlight using photovoltaic cells or modules that convert light into direct current. This DC can then be converted by a solar inverter to AC, which most homes already have on-site through their electrical grid power connection.

What are the different types of solar technology ?

There are different kinds of solar panel systems available today:

• Monocrystalline – these are made up of silicon wafers with high purity and low impurities. They are expensive but last longer than polycrystalline.

• Polycrystalline – they consist of many small crystals joined together. These are cheaper than monocrystalline and also more efficient at converting sunlight into electricity.

A solar company installer would provide both options and would advise the customer on the best savings.

How does solar energy work?

When sunlight hits solar cells it creates electrons that flow through wires in the solar cells creating power which then powers your home or business by converting sunlight into electricity. A solar array consists of many individual solar cells /  modules connected together with wiring. Each module has two sets of electrical contacts: one set at either end of the module connects the module into the circuit; another set allows you to connect additional modules onto the same circuit.

Solar companies install the solar power systems including the solar panel installation and inverter, so you can create monthly electricity as your clean source of energy. 

The benefits of solar panels energy production

Solar is an affordable way to generate electricity from the sun’s solar energy using an inverter to create AC electricity. They can be used for both residential and commercial purposes – including powering homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, farms, military bases, etc. The amount of power generated by each panel depends on its size and how much direct exposure there is to the sun, which is usually the roof. 

 Why should we have a solar installation ?

The two main reasons why people choose to install solar panels on their roof are :

1. To reduce carbon emissions over time to help protect the planet as they produce clean energy without the need for water.

2. Savings on utility companies bills as it reduces your cost of electricity especially as there are usually financial incentives available such as grants.

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